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Pro Solar Installation is a full-service solar energy provider dedicated to providing optimal energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. Our team of certified professionals has extensive experience in solar project management, engineering, and installation.

We strive to ensure clients obtain the highest quality services and products that are tailored to meet their unique requirements. Our services range from grid-tie, off-grid, and hybrid solar PV systems, to specialized design and installation of complex solar systems. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee a successful solar energy system project tailored to our client’s needs.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Electric

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, businesses are looking for solutions to reduce their energy costs with renewable energy sources. Commercial solar electric is one solution that can provide significant advantages to many types of businesses.

The primary benefit of commercial solar electric is its cost savings in comparison with traditional grid electricity. Installing solar panels can result in reduced electricity bills, meaning a direct return on investment. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of these systems requires only minimal overhead costs and has a lifespan of 25-30 years or more depending on system care and upkeep.

Additionally, businesses can take advantage of incentives from local and federal governments for installing commercial solar electric systems as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source. Many states have net metering laws which allow a business to sell back their unused power at full retail rates to their local utility company, generating a separate additional income stream for them.

Commercial solar electric offers multiple benefits over traditional grid electricity that make it an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their long-term energy costs while reinforcing their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Solar System Design and Installation

Pro Solar Installation specializes in the design and installation of commercial solar electric systems. We are equipped to provide a full range of solar energy solutions to meet the needs of any business. With detailed engineering plans and expert technicians, Pro Solar Installation is the perfect choice for your solar project.

We can walk you through the process of system design, engineering plans, installation and maintenance of your solar system, including:

  • System design
  • Engineering plans
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Design and Engineering Services

TYT Solar Design and Engineering services provide complete solutions for any size commercial solar electric system. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific energy needs and budget requirements. From designing the system layout, engineering the components to interfacing with local planning departments and utility companies, our design experts guide you through every step of the process.

We offer a wide range of technical considerations including:

  • Solar array sizing
  • Module type selection
  • Wiring requirements
  • Stowing options
  • Corrosion protection measures
  • Shading analysis to maximize production efficiency based on orientation and seasonal changes

We also have access to rebates and incentives that may be available in your location.

Having an engineering design done by our professionals ensures that all aspects of your installation are properly accounted for making sure product performance meets customer expectations in quality and longevity. With decades of collective experience, our professional engineering staff is fully licensed in electrical engineering disciplines and committed to meeting your needs with integrity.

Installation Process

Pro Solar Installation understands that a solar energy system is a long-term investment. Therefore, we have trained professionals to design and install the system keeping the customer in mind to ensure the best value for their money.

We use certified and high quality products from trusted suppliers and hence, provide optimum performance and reliability of our installations ensuring satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, we always strive to perform installation efficiently with minimal disruption of day-to-day operations.

Our installation process begins with a detailed assessment of your building or property followed by using engineering best practices to tailor a solar energy solution based on specific requirements. Our team will be responsible for obtaining necessary permits as per local regulations along with providing comprehensive documentation needed such as wiring diagrams, technical data sheets etc.

The final phase includes:

  • Performance verification of all components
  • Interconnecting them by complying with the electrical code and industry standards.

After commissioning, you can expect our team to monitor your energy systems’ performance ensuring maximum efficiency and system uptime throughout its lifespan.

Solar System Maintenance

Once your solar system has been installed, it is important to monitor and maintain the system’s performance. Regular maintenance will ensure that the solar photovoltaic (PV) system operates at peak efficiency, thereby maximizing its cost effectiveness over time.

TYT Solar recommends a preventive maintenance program that includes two general types of action: safety checks to ensure that workers and customers are kept safe at all times and operational and mechanical inspections to verify proper functionality for ongoing successful performance.

Safety checks involve inspecting and verifying electrical components, grounding devices, panel installation details, labeling requirements and enclosures for outdoor equipment. Most importantly, proper disconnection of each element must be ensured before performing any service or maintenance on the system.

For operational purposes, inspections should be regularly conducted by qualified personnel to evaluate PV modules for potential hot spots or degradation due to excessive dirt accumulation or weather damage; checking batteries (as applicable) for depth of discharge; verifying equipment changes due to usage or malfunctions; correctly conforming with yearly manufacturer-recommended inverter firmware updates; reviewing operation software performance data; security codes dedicated hardware verification (e.g., documentation review); upgrade of controllers if necessary; cleaning systems surfaces on an annual basis as recommended by manufacturers, etc. Additionally monitoring all important production predictions including voltage drops will assist in assuring optimized performance of your solar electric system(s).

Financing Options

When choosing TYT Solar to install a commercial solar electric system, there are a variety of financing options to choose from. Businesses may be eligible for tax credits and rebates, which can help offset the cost of a solar system and reduce the final amount due. Additionally, TYT Solar offers financing options that allow businesses to pay for the system in installments instead of a lump sum.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different financing options available to businesses:

Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) helps make solar electric systems more affordable. The federal ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems and is equal to 30% of the cost of installation, including both hardware and labor. It is important to note that claiming this credit applies whether you purchased or leased your solar energy system. Eligible taxpayers must own the system, but the taxpayer does not have to be the one who installed it.

The ITC originally covered a maximum of 30% of installed costs for solar energy systems laid out in 2018 as part of a temporary program established by Congress in 2008. The ITC was extended in late 2019 via legislation known as the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, which allows for a step down from 26 percent beginning in 2020 and then again from 22 percent through 2022. After that date, those committing to new commercial systems can claim 10 percent of their eligible costs until December 31, 2023 after which no credits are available.

Additionally, certain businesses may receive accelerated depreciation benefits when investing in commercial photovoltaic property* – an important element of business finance when budgeting for these investments! *This applies primarily to businesses filing taxes under either MACRS with 5-year recovery period or ADS with 20-year recovery period. Visit for more information on tax benefits associated with renewable energy investments or talk to your local Pro Solar Installation representative today!

Utility Rebates and Incentives

Utility rebates and incentives are a great way to reduce capital investment costs when installing solar systems. These are typically government or utility-sponsored programs that offer financial motivation to promote renewable energy such as solar.

The specifics of each rebate and incentive vary widely, but they generally involve either money back on the cost of installation, or a tax credit or deduction. Utility companies may also offer net metering programs that pay customers for the electricity their solar systems produce.

In some cases, utilities may even pay an additional “add-on” fee for each kW installed up to a certain amount depending on system size. If you’re looking for ways to save on installation costs, these utility incentives could be an ideal source of financing.

However, it is important to research and understand the policies in your state before making any decisions about financing options as rules can change regularly and may have varying requirements and deadlines associated with them. Additionally, many states offer loan and grant programs which can help make transitioning to solar more affordable by offering favorable terms such as low interest rates or deferred repayment plans.

Leasing and Power Purchase Agreements

Leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are common financing choices for commercial solar electric installations. They allow your company to generate clean energy and benefit from the advantages of solar, while someone else owns and maintains the system.

Leases allow you to benefit from free power through a loan agreement between yourself and a financial institution. The financing is spread over 12-20 years, or other acceptable terms, with payments based on the system size and production output. The lease payments are typically less than the cost of local utility power bills over that period. This can significantly reduce your electricity costs without depleting your resources for other uses.

Power Purchase Agreements are similar to leases but involve an agreement with a third party in which you buy the energy produced by their equipment located at your location at predefined prices for periods of up to 25 years – no upfront capital is required from you as in a lease agreement. The third party owns, installs, operates, monitors, maintains and repairs the system for its duration for a greater fee but without capital expenses borne by you – depending on market conditions there may be an option to purchase or transfer ownership at any time during the duration of the contract. Negotiated pricing is usually agreed upon when entering into this type of pact where terms can be adjusted according to local energy market dynamics – allowing flexibility while preserving energy price certainty over long periods of time.

In conclusion, with their attentive service and quality products, Pro Solar Installation is a great choice for commercial solar electric solutions.

Benefits of Choosing Pro Solar Installation

Pro Solar Installation is the perfect choice for your commercial solar electric system installation needs. By selecting a reliable and experienced installer, such as Pro Solar Installation, you can benefit in many ways.

  • First, you can count on TYT to handle every aspect of your solar installation process. Their team of trained professionals is certified to help you select the best solar equipment for both cost savings and efficiency, while they install and maintain it according to all manufacturer specifications and local regulations. They also offer competitive pricing based on their extensive experience in the industry and their network of quality suppliers.
  • Second, TYT can provide excellent customer service from start to finish. They have very knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your commercial solar power system before, during or after installation. Furthermore, with regular maintenance programs included in each of their packages, TYT ensures that your system will be running at its peak performance for years to come.

By choosing a trusted solar electric installation company like Pro Solar Installation, you are making an investment in reliable energy that has considerable economic value now as well as substantial environmental benefits in the future. Whether it’s commercial or residential installations that your require, rest assured knowing that TyT can give you peace of mind when installing your custom designed commercial solar electric system.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What type of solar energy system does Pro Solar Installation offer?

A: We specialize in commercial solar electric systems that are designed to provide reliable and efficient energy for businesses. Our systems are designed to maximize the energy output and provide long-term savings for our clients.

Q: What size solar panels do you install?

A: We install solar panels of various sizes depending on the needs of our clients. Our technicians will assess your energy needs and design a system that will best meet your needs.

Q: Do you provide maintenance services for your solar systems?

A: Yes. We provide regular maintenance services for our solar systems to ensure that they are working at optimal levels. We also offer repair services to fix any issues that arise.

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